A Message from our President

I will never forget looking into the eyes of my parents and seeing the despair that comes from not knowing what tomorrow will bring — the fear of losing everything they worked so hard to achieve, the uncertainty of whether our family would still be together the next day.

Every day thousands of families and individuals wake up with the same fear and uncertainty that my family experienced in communist Cuba. They are confused, anxious, and looking for a way to transform a life of despair into one of dignity as a productive member of society. They are not looking for a handout – they are looking for a hand up.

Each and every one of us has experienced difficult times in our lives. And we relied on our safety net, our family and friends, to support us and help us through those hard times. But not everyone has been gifted such a luxury. The vision of Three Grains of Rice Missions is to create an extended family base through our organization so we can help to anchor and empower those in need. We are here not only to aid with immediate needs, but also to cultivate an atmosphere that will help prevent and mitigate the devastation of homelessness and the detrimental impact to self-dignity.

Three Grains of Rice Missions believes each and every one of us has at least “three grains of rice” we can offer to help individuals and other nonprofit organizations within our community. Whether it is to pray for someone, to listen to his or her struggles, to provide financial support or to volunteer your time, your “three grains” can have a lifelong impact. Come and join us in our mission to connect hearts and change lives!

We are a young nonprofit that hit the ground running in the last quarter of 2016. Now we are utilizing our time during the first quarter of 2017 to develop our website, identify monthly outreach projects, solidify long term projects, and create the foundation necessary to support our mission and vision.

Stay tuned to Facebook for progress reports and announcements as we launch our outreach projects and volunteer opportunities.