Heart of Gold – Dave Tuttle

There are people in the world that make a substantive yet unrecognized contribution to society every day.  People whose bravery is unknown or unacknowledged as they protect and care for those in need.  David Tuttle, Founder and Executive Director of Presbyterian Social Ministries (PSM) is certainly one of those people.  Three Grains of Rice Missions honored Dave with the Heart of Gold award for having a servant’s heart.

You don’t have to be around Dave very long to experience true humbling dedication.  He is a quiet leader whose focus is to touch the lives of those in need.  Dave has created a program to bring missionaries from all over the US to work and care for the needs of our Northeast Florida population.  Dave understands that everyone deserves to be served with dignity and he works with many volunteers who wash, fold, sort, mend and distribute the clothing he collects from all over the city.   Under his leadership, PSM has expanded to provide clothing to the Philippines and Central America.  He is truly a servant of God.

We want to thank Blue Bamboo Restaurant for the donation of a gift certificate which was presented to Dave along with his award.