Heart of Gold – Mary Warner

Every now and then you come across someone who is consistently active in the community.  Someone who is giving, caring and spreading love to those less fortunate without wanting or needing recognition.  They do it simply because they have a servant’s heart.  Mary Warner, or Miss Mary as she is known by the PACE girls, is certainly one of those people.

For the past 15 years, Mary has been involved with PACE School for Girls in Jacksonville, FL.  She began by helping to run the Clothes Closet for PACE:  organizing half a dozen bags of donated clothing for the students, setting donations out on tables and helping the girls make their selections.  Mary felt there could be so much more for the students, something that could feel more special to reward them for their hard work.  She reached out to her network of friends and asked for donations of gently used clothing and accessories for what is now known as Ms. Mary’s Boutique.  Each year Mary organizes six events for the students, two events for their families and a week-long prom event in May.  She happily schedules all events, organizes the many volunteers, and consults on the annual fund-raising event.  If an urgent need comes up, Mary springs into action and does whatever it takes to fill that need.

Three Grains of Rice Missions would like to say “Thank You” to Mary by presenting her with the Heart of Gold award.  We appreciate her energy and passion in caring for the needy with dignity and respect.  Mary is definitely Connecting Hearts and Changing Lives!