Ed Perez


We started Three Grains of Rice Missions because I have never forgotten the painfulness of poverty, homelessness and violence. I have also never forgotten the feeling of hope and peacefulness when unexpected strangers provided a helping hand that gave me the drive to carry on. Our goal is to create an army of “unexpected strangers” that will energize the hearts of those in need and provide them with that same hope and healing that I personally experienced.

Stacey Perez

Operations and Outreach

I made mistakes. I stumbled. I fell. More than once. My family was always there to pick me up, dust me off and get me back on my feet. I realized there are so many people going through tough times who don’t have anyone to turn to. We created Three Grains of Rice Missions with the purpose of gathering volunteers who share our passion and are willing to be that someone for those who have no one.